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“Un-fucking-believable.” Gajeel cursed aloud, stomping his way back to the team's assigned hotel with Levy and Lilly in tow. The other two members of their team, Tadzio Atreus (the big guy with the mustache) and Priam (the red haired kid) left to drink their victory in some bar for the night.
Gajeel and Tadzio had somehow managed to beat the other four teams, but when their magic had been measured at the end, it was near empty. Hence, last place and the Dragon Slayer’s pissy mood. Closing her eyes, Levy tried to embrace the logic of it all. Their reunion didn't go as she liked (he tried to get her disqualified), their first match in a big competition had happened (it is up to debate if it was even official) and they haven't resolved the unspoken tension between the two of them which is: he didn't want her here and she couldn't accept that.
Before she could say something, Levy felt a sudden shooting pain in her temples and froze where she stood. Not again. Panic raced
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There are a handful of times Gajeel Redfox will admit to having succumbed to the emotion that is called "shock". This is one of those times.
For Levy McGarden of all people to pop out of nowhere at one of the most challenging events since the Grand Magic Games is something he did not expect, especially when she is bowling him over like a bat out of hell! Staring up at the slip of a mage sitting on his chest, Gajeel wondered if this were a dream or his mind playing tricks of Levy being here.
Familiar round, brown eyes gaze down at him happily, her pixie face framed by waves and waves of thick, blue hair in some layered fashion from having grown past her shoulders. Her short frame looked thinner than usual, not to mention her outfit of some frilly white skirt and low cut spaghetti blue shirt revealed little to the imagination. The last couple months since the guild's disbandment had been good to her.
"You're under arrest!"
Gajeel's studded brow twitches in annoyance. As he turned his hea
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Memoria: Fatharni-sama :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 1 0 Memoria: SEREN :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 1 0
Ari's Lament
Ari:I was the male who loved you first
He cares not for your willing heart
You're a fool to think that wretch is safe to love
But he tart
I'll never rid myself of you
You're in my blood, my heart, my soul
I gave my sight, my blood and tears for you
To voice this pain, I howl
Now I know you'll never choose me
You betray us all for him
You still excite me, burn me, ignite me
Move me, with your sins
Wasting this life forever
Behind the enemy line
I'll fool myself, she'll turn back now
And be my mate, forever mine
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Memoria i
W780, Over a 1000 years ago...
Dainty, bare feet walked through the smoldering ruins of a once prosperous village, heavy smoke lingering in the air like a veil of mourning. A blue haired woman wearing a dress of silky, yellow fabric walked through the burning destruction like a wandering ghost until she came upon a body.
The dead man lay with his head turned to his left, a hand outstretched towards a large burnt mark on the ground near him. In his other hand is clutched a bracelet of simple polished stones from the nearby river. With a harsh gasp, the woman knelt down to the body to caress his brow, his scratchy brown beard and broad shoulders until her questing fingers found his hand holding the blood covered bracelet. Bringing the limp hand to her lips, she kissed the dry, cold knuckles.
Behind her, a bright light flashed to reveal a dark blonde haired men dressed in gold and white finery of the highest quality. With one hand, he held the side of his bleeding face. Several other ligh
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BYS: Catalyst
"It's too strong. Jet, get Levy the hell out of here!"
"We are not leaving you behind, idiot!"
She couldn't move. Her legs are frozen from genuine terror. It is like her chest is being squeezed from the rush of blood in her veins. Her Script Magic had ceased working from the utter lack of will it. How had this all gone wrong?
It seemed like only yesterday, not seven weeks ago, that Fairy Tail had disbanded. In an attempt to keep things familiar and not so different, Levy suggested Shadow Gear stay together. Travel around, train and keep their little family together, even if the guild itself is gone. The forest they happened upon was dense, full of life, large rivers and plenty of adventure to be found.
This isn't what was supposed to happen.
The S class level Strywolf monster bared its teeth, its long ratty looking tail swishing rapidly behind powerful legs that is the color of inky midnight black. Eyes of an unholy green and yellow glared down at her, yellow teeth of a very vicious va
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The Black Dragon :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 1 0 Fatharni :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 0 0 memoria: Serenata and Ciro Sanctus :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 1 0 memoria: Tythlany :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 0 0
BYS: White
“Who are they?”
“Damn, he’s hot!”
Levy blinked, than nudged Lucy and Juvia who are standing next to her. “Do you see what I see?”
The blonde nodded dumbly while Juvia bit the tip of her thumb hard, to the point of drawing blood.
Walking towards the Master at his usual perch on the bar are two black clad figures. The female’s long, wavy hair is pure white with light blue highlights, her dark eyes trained on Makarov with determination. Her partner, a similar white haired man with deep blue eyes and a dark glower, followed close at her back. His mesmerizing eyes scanned the guild, his presence dangerous and cautious. They are not clients or normal civilians.
She noted the howling wolf emblem on his shoulder patch as he walked past them. It is a symbol she did not recognize, which said it must be from one of the other countries. He kept walking until he paused in his steps, then turned towards the three girls. Narrowing his eyes, he stepped t
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Mature content
BYS: Soldier :icondaughter-of-chaos:Daughter-of-Chaos 4 1
Viam E Erebus: Chapter 5
The next day, Levy decided not to tell anyone about her late night experience. She did not want to cause an uproar until she had all the facts. Its 10am, classes are already in session and so far, no one has come to her about anything Redfox related. Casually she texted Droy about his day and he complained about his English homework. So no one is aware that Gajeel was sneaking around campus last night. He probably covered his tracks very well.
Levy did not imagine bumping into the jerk. The drugs she took did not cause hallucinations unless combined with alcohol.
After receiving a release note from Polyushka, the young woman made a beeline for the library that she knows will be empty. Having been excused from her first class of the day, she wanted to be somewhere familiar and quiet to think. When she rounded a corner to her favorite table in the very back, Levy found it occupied by the man currently haunting her thoughts in the worst way.
He sat there in a Black Veil Bride t shirt, his
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Viam E Erebus: Chapter 4
Gajeel had snuck onto Phantom’s dormitory property easily enough, but didn’t enter his old dorm building. He just stood there in the shadows, leaning against the cool brick wall as night continued to linger.
It wasn’t until someone came down the stairs and leaned out of the front entrance that Gajeel actually moved, his head craning to meet the other’s narrowed gaze.
“Must we do this at three in the morning?” the newcomer growled, carefully closing the door behind him as he leaned on the corner adjacent to the wall Gajeel leaned against.
Cracking his wrists, he pulled a small item from the sleeve of his sweater.
“Do you want the trouble of explaining my presence here? You are the only one who doesn’t want my ass on a platter,” Gajeel said as he took the offered rainbow flame colored flash drive and stuffed it into his black trench coat.
Leaning out into the dim moonlight, Totomaru yawned as he smoothed his white and black hair out o
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“Un-fucking-believable.” Gajeel cursed aloud, stomping his way back to the team's assigned hotel with Levy and Lilly in tow. The other two members of their team, Tadzio Atreus (the big guy with the mustache) and Priam (the red haired kid) left to drink their victory in some bar for the night.

Gajeel and Tadzio had somehow managed to beat the other four teams, but when their magic had been measured at the end, it was near empty. Hence, last place and the Dragon Slayer’s pissy mood. Closing her eyes, Levy tried to embrace the logic of it all. Their reunion didn't go as she liked (he tried to get her disqualified), their first match in a big competition had happened (it is up to debate if it was even official) and they haven't resolved the unspoken tension between the two of them which is: he didn't want her here and she couldn't accept that.

Before she could say something, Levy felt a sudden shooting pain in her temples and froze where she stood. Not again. Panic raced through her veins in a choppy rhythm as she fought to not show the pain lacing through her head. If Gajeel knew there might be something wrong with her, he would have all the proof he needed to make her leave.
Whirling around, Levy started jogging away, “I'm gonna go look around, guys. See you later!”

“Hey! Get back here!” Gajeel yelled after her but Levy gnored him. Thankfully, Lilly changed forms to intercept the Dragon Slayer..

“Be careful, Levy!” the Exceed waved her off, pushing at his friend's chest to get him moving again.
With a thankful smile, Levy searched the stalls for anything related to healing. Due to her excitement to prepare for the travel to Valdis, Levy forgot to restock her potions. With how sudden and severe the headaches have become, she couldn't afford to cost her team any points.

Rubbing her temples to try and sooth the ache, Levy thought back to the preliminaries and how brutal everyone used their magic against another to get the upper hand. They were punching, casting, getting caught by someone's magic or running to avoid being hit by a spell. It was a frantic scramble for survival to stay on their feet. By crafty use of Gajeel's shadow manipulation and Atreus' use of enchantments, they were able to be the last team standing. Althought this tournament is merely a form of entertainment, there are few holds barred and nearly killing participants is encouraged. She didn't want to hurt others, it isn't in her nature.

Sniffling from the stress and the pain, Levy felt tears well up in her eyes. She wants to become stronger so Gajeel can see her more than a friend. Hugging herself, Levy clenches her eyes closed to squeeze the salty tears away. Will the cost of proving herself mean hurting others? Can she do it? This is a mistak-

You are you, Levy. No one can define that but yourself.

Wiping away the tears, Levy slaps both her hands hard against her cheeks. Not believing in herself is the kind of attitude that would be an embarrassment to her guild's way. Zied is right, she is who she is and when it comes to fighting in that dirt covered arena, she will fight her way. With or without Gajeel's approval.

Feeling better, Levy once again searches for a pain potion. Luckily she found a healer's shop near one of the rivers bisecting the shore side of the city and paid for ten bottles.
Leaving the shop, she noticed a large bonfire near the river. Even through the busy streets, Levy can hear the boom of drums and the echoes of laughter. Deciding to check out the festivities, she drinks half of a potion bottle and walks toward the giant dancing flames.

Pushing through the crowd, Levy found herself looking at a large tent placed over a great spread of food where people in organized lines fill large porcelain plates. Big platters of freshly made meat dishes, mashed potatoes and soups lined the long tables where bowls of fresh fruit are placed in between. At the end of each table are large barrels of water with several ladles hung on the sides. In one corner, a liquor vendor is giving out free wooden mugs of ale to any and all who approach him. On the barrels and on each side of the tent canopy is the Anatola insignia of a flower and an axe. Maybe Zied is around with his team somewhere?

Case in point, she noticed several woven blankets and pillows spread over the soft grass behind the food tent. Sitting among the fabric facing the massive bonfire is the Anatola team, their rulers and several children. The group laughed and ate among themselves while clapping to the music, watching people dance around the bonfire.

“Hello, Levy,” a deep voice murmured near her ear and she jumped around to face Zied. He no longer wore his team uniform but a loose gray shirt and black pants with an empty sword holster hooked onto his belt.

“Hi, Zied! What is all this?” she asked, gesturing to the free food and bonfire.
The older man took her hand and pressed it into the crook of his arm, leading them around the tent. “My sister-in-law wanted to treat the people of Valdis as a sign of good will to King Acelan. We'll find out tomorrow if it was such a good idea.”

“Well I think it's a great idea! I'm sure not everyone here can afford buying food all night, much less all week.”

He smirked, “Or at all. The homeless and poor have been thanking us all afternoon since we first opened up the buffet tables.”

Levy tilted her head to the side, curious, “When was that?”

“Around the time I left you at the prelims. I escorted my niece and sister-in-law out here to help out. Since Anatola didn't need to compete today, we've been out here cooking and stoking the fires.”

Smiling, Levy felt happy Zied and his family were being so generous until she realized he is leading her straight towards them. At first she panicked, feeling under dressed for a introduction with royalty. But the Queen of Anatola herself is sitting crossed legged in her expensive green and silver dress, holding a two month old baby to her ample breast with a blanket covering the feeding. Tanned auburn skin, bright green eyes and luscious waves of azure blue hair spread around her shoulders, the older woman was breathtaking in beauty, yet didn't hold herself with the usual noble blood indifference.

“Zied, who is this lovely lady?” the Queen asked, shifting the baby in her arms.

“Levy McGarden is that girl I saved from those wolves. Levy, this is my sister-in-law, Serenata Sanctus, Queen of Anatola.”

Laughing, the beautiful woman waved off Levy's hasty bow. “Just Rena is fine. Since our monarchy is technically nine years old, I don't act like a Queen most days.”

“Isn't Anatola considered a wasteland with no viable resources? How did you get the other countries to accept an alliance?”

A brown haired man with streaks of gray at his temples took the baby girl from the Queen's arms, “My wife is descended from a Goddess which is considered divine blood. She pulled rank on all those stuffy nobles to accept her terms for needed supplies for our starving people. For them to admit that publicly would be embarrassing indeed.”

“How, though?” Levy demanded, her thirst for knowledge shining in her eyes.

The man winked up at her, “Rena summoned the Goddess Fatharni herself when they were about to throw her out.”
Serenata glared at her husband, “Ciro! Don't tell her that!”

“But Gods don't really exist anymore, right?” Levy asked, a frown on her face. “All the texts I've read say none has seen them in centuries.”

Beside her, Zied crossed his arms, “They exist, Levy. Trust me. Now, have you eaten yet? Everything offered here is free.”

Shaking her head, Levy held the bag with her potion bottles a little closer, “Oh, I just came over out of curiosity. I should get some sleep before the first day tomorrow.”

A giant man on the other side of the blankets shouted over to them, “Nonsense, girlie! Grab an ale, relax!”

“Oh, I really shouldn't!” Levy tried again, looking to Zied for help.

The giant with shoulder length orange hair, large purple eyes and a big goofy grin was not
deterred as he waved his mug of ale around, splashing the young monk sitting next to him. “You're from Fairy Tail, right? You guys know how to party! Go have fun!”

Her guild is gone, her family broken. Never has Levy she felt more alone, looking at Zied's family and their happiness then she does right now. Her heart hurt, her eyes burned and suddenly all the loneliness and frustration she kept bottled up comes gushing out. Tears strung her eyes, sobs racked her chest and then she's bawling her heart out in Zied’s arms.

“Drakeer, shut up.” Zied snapped as he held Levy protectively to his chest.
“I'm drunk and you expect me to listen?” the giant slurred after taking another big gulp from his mug, “All I said-”

Beside him, the monk swiftly pushed a big spoonful of food into Drakeer's mouth to shut him up. “Will she be okay?”

“I hope so.” Zied murmured as he stared down at Levy's blue hair, eyes filled with concern. Gently pushing the girl from his chest, he wipes a few tears away. “Three months is a long time to be without family. Did no one stay with you?”

Trying to calm her breathing, Levy bit her trembling lip, “Jet and Droy left one day without telling me. It hurt so much...being all alone...sniff...It wasn’ them....”

“I’m sorry. If you want, after the tournament you can stay with us instead of going back to Fiore. We won’t abandon you.” Zied promised, gripping her shoulders firmly.

Blinking her red, puffy eyes, Levy looked up at her friend. He stared down at her with kind eyes, the look softening the lines on his face to make him look years younger. Cheeks hot from crying in front of everyone, Levy felt overwhelmed from the concern they were all showing at her heartache.


Chuckling, Zied gently nudged her towards the bonfire. “You don’t have to answer right now. Go have fun.”

“I don't know the dance steps!” Levy protested, her tears forgotten.

Drakeer grinned wide, his sharp canines flashing in the firelight, “This dance tells you how to move with the beats. Just listen!”

Suddenly the giant of a man is at her left, pulling Levy forward by one hand. On her right, a blue haired girl who looked like Queen Rena pulled at her fingers with glee. Suddenly they joined the moving flow of drunk dancers circling the bonfire. Around and around the people moved, laughing and singing their revelry. The little girl held her hand through a few steps, another man pulled Levy into a swing move, then Drakeer lifted her up to be held into the sky. The song being played was fast, causing their feet to fly and their lungs to work hard for breath.

The music hummed through her veins, the night sky twinkled over their heads. For the first time in weeks since her guild broke apart, Levy didn't feel alone.

Maybe leaving Meredy behind wasn't a good idea. At least with her by his side, Jellal wouldn't feel so stressed trying to keep Cobra from causing havoc. Drinking more of his coffee, Jellal thought back to the failure of a meeting that should have been the solution to everything...

Pulling the thick scarf away from his face, Jellal took in a much needed gulp of air that wasn't full of sand and humid air. Cobra and Meredy joined him, coughing the sand and grit from their lungs. The temple they stumbled into for shelter from the powerful sand storm looked old and abandoned but was built from sturdy rock with a slight metallic sheen to it.

"Remind me again why I'm following your ass through some sand filled wasteland?!" Cobra snapped as he gulped down some water, only to spit it out to cleanse his mouth.

"Quit being rude, Cobra! You know why. Are you going to complain all day?" Meredy growled as she shook sand from her hair and traveling cloak.

"This is called expressing myself and I will execute the right to express my hatred of sand in places you don't wanna know!"
Before she could yell her reply, Jellal reached over to flick them both on the nose,

"Enough, you two. This is the temple I was looking for."
Looking around, Meredy frowned with doubt, "Are you sure? It doesn't look like anything is here."

"There doesn't need to be for what I seek." he replied as he lead them deeper down the dark, sand filled halls. Sharing a look of confusion, his two companions had no choice but to follow. It did not take long for them to find the main antechamber of the temple.

Stairs to the main dais, where a large alter and throne made of white and blue stone stood, are covered in dust and spider webs. On the walls hung racks for torches and ripped bits of tapestries.
Cobra scowled, "This place is creepy and I don't mean like Racer singing in the shower."
Not amused, Meredy swatted at his arm. "Ssshhh!"

Kneeling down to place his hand on the stone floor where a bit of tapestry lay, Jellal closed his eyes. On his right cheek, the black tattoo pulsed with white light as he called forth ancient magic to perform the summoning.

"Goddess of thy blood, Mother of thy people, Guardian of her Kin. I call you on the oath for which you bled!"

Around him the air fizzled and snapped with power...then BANG! Jellal blinked as he found himself on his back, smoking and covered in soot from the backfire of the spell.
Cobra burst out laughing while Meredy jogged over to check on him. He beat the soot from his burnt hair as she wiped at his shoulders.

"Did it work?"

"It didn't need to but that was funny, right?" asked an amused feminine voice from the dais. All three of them whirled around to see a blue haired woman sitting on the arm of the throne. She wore charcoal around her eyes like many desert people as protection from the sun, her clothing is many layers of thickly woven jackets and cloaks to ward off sand and heat. Around her throat is wrapped a blue and green scarf that looks crudely made, as if by a child.

Ready to fight, Cobra bared his fangs. "Who the fuck are you?"

Ignoring him, the woman looked straight at Jellal with sad golden eyes. "I cannot help you, Fernandez."

"My sister is innocent! Remove the curse!"

The woman shook her head, "Once I would have, but now I cannot. There is nothing I can do."

"So you forsake us?"

"I am sorry. Her fate is sealed."

Jellal snarled his fury. "I refuse to believe that. Some celestial being! You must care for no one but yourself to write off  people so easily."

Eyes darkening to a furious amber, the woman stood from the throne to descend the stairs. "Don't make me regret saving you from that stupid Tower of Heaven, boy. I will not be insulted in my own home, even by you."

"Fuck you, Fatharni!" With a yell, Jellal lunged forward to attack but he only phased through her body. A thought projection?

Before the projection disappeared, Fatharni glared at him over her shoulder. "Should you really be blaming me for her condition, when it was you who hid her from me in the first place? Who warped her memories and sealed her powers so badly, it stunted her magic so that she can only form words from her favorite books as a child? Tell me Jellal, who is the real one to blame for cursing their own sister to die?"

Jellal fell to his knees with his head in his hands in a rare act of despair. Meredy took a step towards him but Cobra caught her shoulder, shaking his head. They both stared at Jellal with pity, the words he kept muttering over and over again showing a broken man beneath the leader.

Forgive me, Levy. Forgive me!

Snapping his eyes back open, Jellal curled his lip into a snarl. Disgust and hatred battled in his chest at a deity who should have been his solution, not a waste of time. He will save his sister from a curse that no one survived from. Levy will be the first.

Dumping his coffee, Jellal went to bed and willed himself to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be the first day of the IMT, and the first day for true strength to be measured.

Hands shoved in his pants pockets from the cool night air, Gajeel prowled the busy city streets. Guilt and impatience whirled in his chest, unable to push past the frustration Levy stirred up. This isn't like her to run towards danger, then thought better of it. Fairy Tail turned their nose to rules and laws if it meant doing the right thing, to defend the pride of family no matter what. Before he had relished in that freedom, now it disturbed him.

If Levy thought she can handle this tournament like the GMG, she is wrong. The people who ran this event are powerful, their eyes cruel and gleam with greed. He would not be surprised if drug traffickers used the busy harbors to sneak in more shipments, or high stake wages on who lived or died were made under the table by nobles and participants. Despite his eagerness to let loose in that arena, Gajeel didn't trust anyone outside of Pantherlilly. At least his Exceed partner worked in law enforcement long enough to know this event looked shady.

Head low and eyes alert, Gajeel scanned the crowded nightlife for any spot of familiar blue hair. It had been an hour since Levy left to take in the sights, which to his anxiety was too long. He wanted her within range in case something bad happened. Also at Lilly's insistence, he needed to apologize for his earlier actions. The hurt in her eyes haunted him, making his chest ache from the guilt.

“Dammit!” he cursed, punching a brick wall of a bustling cafe. There's too many people around to sniff her out, and he didn't want to spend all night tracking her down.

Glancing at the shadows in the alley behind the cafe, Gajeel smirked. If he was high enough, maybe he could see her. Stepping towards the darkness of the alley, he reached out a hand until he couldn't see it anymore. Breathing in deep, he all of his weight fall forward. The shadows enveloped Gajeel, encasing him in blackness. No matter how many times he practiced, his stomach still clenched from the sense of falling. Becoming a shadow is tricky and felt like floating in a space of nothingness. But traveling as a shade feels weirder because it's like the real world was on the opposite side of a two dimensional mirror and he is swimming through jello.

Melting from one shade to another at a fast speed, Gajeel looked for Levy. Like he figured, she wasn't on the ground browsing the numerous bazaars. Moving up to a high rooftop away from the thick crowds, Gajeel stepped from the darkness and into the light of the stars.

Leaning a shoulder against a wall, he looked down and saw a large bonfire. Food was served under a large tent and people sat on the grass, enjoying their plates and festive music. Sure enough he saw a head of blue...wait.

Make that five heads of blue hair.

Gajeel groaned, wanting to slam his head against something hard. Not only did he find Levy, the tent belonged to the Anatola kingdom. Gajeel really didn't want to be near the white haired bastard unless it was to exchange fists. In the light of the bonfire, Levy danced and laughed among the competition. She even drank a big mug of something foamy, probably ale.

For a moment, Gajeel just watched her from the shadows. She looked so happy, he didn't want to ruin it by dragging her back to the hotel room. But they needed rest for the first day and the sooner he got her away from Grey, the better.

“She's cute.”

Gajeel stiffened. That husky voice belonged to a woman he swore never to cross again. What the fuck is she doing here? Turning around slowly, he saw a tall woman with short black hair and dark brown eyes standing in the shadows. Just his rotten luck, she wore an Anatola uniform.

“L-Lachina.” he greeted, pressing his back to the stone wall. Sheezus, did he just stutter?

The woman walked towards him, a frown on her face. Her muscular form and tall height made Lachina look intimidating, reminding Gajeel of that night when he was fourteen years old. How she stood over his broken body, holding a halberd that was covered in his blood...
When she got too close, Gajeel lifted his fists. Throwing up her hands, Lachina backed off. “I'm not going to hurt you.”

Gajeel scoffed. “Thirteen years ago, you almost killed me!”

“You didn't give me a choice. It was either take you down, or let a drunk Dragon Slayer rampage through Denish.” Lachina gave him a pointed look. “I saved your ass, gutter snipe.”

Mouthing off would be a death wish considering her crazy strength but old habits die hard. Flipping her off, he stuck out his tongue as the excitement rang through his body when sensing the start of a fight. “How's that for thanks, bitch?”

Lachina suddenly had him by his throat, lifting him high until his boots dangled a foot off the roof. Brown eyes narrowed on his face, her lips curled up in a mocking smile.

“Your manners are still shit, Redfox. Need another lesson beaten into you?”
Despite the air being cut off from his throat, Gajeel grinned. “Bring it!”

“Chi.” a new voice said with warning. Lachina tensed, then let go. Gajeel fell to his arse hard, gasping as air filled his burning lungs.
Looking up, he saw another woman with short white hair streaked with shining blue highlights dressed in an Anatola uniform, her jacket tied around her waist. Dark hazel eyes glared at Lachina, who was rubbing the back of her neck as if ashamed.

“Go get something to eat,” the newcomer ordered.

“Tyth, I'm-”

“You're tipsy. I get it. Now go.”

Lachina didn't move for a long moment and then turning away, jumped off the roof. They both watched as the tall woman stalked towards the bonfire. He turned to the woman named Tyth, uneasy and alert for any sudden movements of attack. If Lachina obeyed this woman without complaint, then he needed to be very cautious. Word on the street is, Tythlany Grey is one of the High Generals of the Anatola military. Pissing her off would be a bad idea.

The Anatolian eyed him from the other end of the roof. Unlike Lachina, she didn't bother to approach him.

“Your friend is safe with us. She'll be returned to you by morning.”
He sneered,  “Excuse me if I don't trust the word of a blood thirsty mercenary.”

“Former mercenary. I only kill on new moons for pagan sacrifices and voodoo rituals.”
Gajeel blinked. His only reaction.

Tyth's lips twitched from amusement. “Do you not know sarcasm? Or humor? I believe that was both.”

“Keh. That Zied bastard had no right to interfere with my team.”
She rolled her eyes, turning to watch the bonfire below with a hand on her hip, “He did if it meant an alliance with Fiore. You could be disqualified by your King if you jepordise that.”

“I don't give a shit! Levy-”

The hairs on his neck shook when Tyth faced him, a serious look in her green eyes. Gajeel braced himself for an attack by pressing his back to the wall, ready to jump into the shadows at a moments notice.

“You don't get it, do you?” she asked, “You're so emotionally compromised, your grief has blinded you from the truth. You are just as much a threat to Levy as the rest of us so quit being a hypocrite.”

Gajeel flinched from her words, not liking how true they are. Ever since Tartaros, he welcomed the guild's disbandment with open arms. The anguish he kept deep inside festered from his hatred for Acnologia and Zeref, wanting justice for his dragon and friends. He felt the old, dark hunger to attack and kill anything that pissed him off. Trying to pretend everything is fine was too much to ask and Gajeel didn't want to hurt his family if that darkness overwhelmed him.

That is why he joined this tournament. To vent his sorrow away from his friends, and find some peace.

“I would never hurt her,” Gajeel whispered, the words sounding weak to his own ears.

“You already did when you tried to kick her out of the arena. I'll make sure to vote you for 'Asshole of the Year'.”

Clenching his fists, he glared at the woman. “Why are you and that bastard defending her?”

“Zied saw something in her worth protecting. That's reason enough for me But...he saw something in you too.”

The knowing tone in her voice made Gajeel feel uneasy. Tyth pointed straight at his face, green eyes narrowed to fine points. “He knows why you joined Fairy Tail.”

“Makarov gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Big deal.”

Her eyes seemed to glow eerily in the darkness, “Wrong. You joined because of Levy. Question is, did you agree before or after you realized she might not be human?”

Next up, chapter iv!
So Levy has health issues and her brother tried to save her from death? Just what is going on?!

Here are some profiles for the OC's appearing and their name pronunciations. Thanks to everyone for reading!

'Black Dragon' Zied Grey (Zee-Ehd) Age: 39 Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: White Race: Dragon Kin

Bio: Think a white haired Jellal with an affinity for black clothing. Zied is a former member of Forsaken Wolves, a mercenary guild specializing in assassination. A no-nonsense swordsman, married to Tyth and beloved father of their two boys, Zied instincts as a veteran during the Seraph Wars make him a hard man to surprise. Despite his calm exterior, he will not hesitate to kill for his loved ones.

'White Sinner' Tythlany Grey nee Nightfox (Tith-Lah-Knee) Age: 37 Eyes: Hazel Gold/Green Hair: White with Light Blue Highlights Race: Fatharnian/Sentinella

Former Merc of FW. A dark childhood caused her hair to lose its natural color and gain the ability to metabolize most poisons. She doesn't hesitate to state her opinion in the most sarcastic statement possible. A God prophesied her two sons have the potential to save the world or destroy it, especially during their upcoming birthdays...only two yrs away. She shares a special connection with Levy.

Queen Serenata Sanctus Nee Vanrios Age: 38 Hair: Dark Blue Eyes: Light Green Race: Fatharnian Magic: The Siren

Tyth's elder sister and Songstress of the Dead, this mother of five is torn between her duty to her family and to the dead souls in need of peace. Her voice is both her strength and her weapon, producing magic sound waves to enchant her victims. Although not inherently royalty, Rena will play politician to build Anatola's future.

High Lord Ciro Sanctus (Seer-Oh) Age: 42 Hair: Brown and Gray, Eyes: Light Blue Race: Human Weapon: Siphon Lance

Nine years ago, Ciro refused the title of King and voted the Anatolan government a matriarchy. Juggling their five children and his wife's political campaigns, Ciro is stressed from Renata wanting to be a Strongstress again. It would mean the children growing up without their mother, which Ciro refuses to accept. He is not trained in magic and prefers spear weapons.

Priam Age: 15 Hair: Red with yellow tips Eyes: Orange Magic: Anima

The youngest member of Team Fiore, Priam is a magic prodigy who wants to enlist in Fiore's military. He can summon the souls of legendary and extinct creatures to fight with. Cheerful and excited to show his skills, Priam hopes to energize his team enough to win.

Tadzio Atreus Age: 34 Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Grey Magic: Boost

A tall military veteran who served during the Alavarez Invasion, Tadzio is a childhood friend of Arcadios. He says very little, is sensitive about his beard and is a spy for Fiore. Per Arca's request, he is keeping an eye on Princess Hisui's safety.

There are a handful of times Gajeel Redfox will admit to having succumbed to the emotion that is called "shock". This is one of those times.

For Levy McGarden of all people to pop out of nowhere at one of the most challenging events since the Grand Magic Games is something he did not expect, especially when she is bowling him over like a bat out of hell! Staring up at the slip of a mage sitting on his chest, Gajeel wondered if this were a dream or his mind playing tricks of Levy being here.

Familiar round, brown eyes gaze down at him happily, her pixie face framed by waves and waves of thick, blue hair in some layered fashion from having grown past her shoulders. Her short frame looked thinner than usual, not to mention her outfit of some frilly white skirt and low cut spaghetti blue shirt revealed little to the imagination. The last couple months since the guild's disbandment had been good to her.

"You're under arrest!"

Gajeel's studded brow twitches in annoyance. As he turned his head to frown at the rude voice laced with too much authority, Gajeel then noticed they are surrounded by Valdis guards. He would not care as much if he were the one arrested (jail he can handle) had they not been pointing anti-magic lances at Levy. Red filled his vision as he realized one of his friends is being threatened!

Lunging to his feet, Gajeel set Levy  to her feet only to shove her protectively behind him. In a blur of black and silver, a transformed Lily took the other side of Levy, his dark eyes narrowed on the guards in a warning to back off.

One of the guards angled his spear closer, "Back away. That girl is under arrest of-"

"Of what?" Lilly demanded, taking a step forward, "I saw the screen. She's registered to be here as our fifth teammate."

Instead of backing off, the Valdis guards raised their lances in unison then tightening their circle around the trio. Clearly intimidation did not shake these iron willed soldiers.

"Back down," the guard ordered, his tone firm and filled with warning.

Sneering defiantly at the soldiers, Gajeel prepares to defend Levy. He knows the arrest is bullshit. To protect her, he'll kick every one of these damned bastards asses! For a few minutes, the air is thick with violent tension until a flickering image of a man appeared before the head guard with sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes.

"Commander Klahan," the image greeted with an incline of his head where a glittering gold and crystal crown sat. As one, the entire group of guards fell to one knee with one hand clenched over their hearts.

"My King!" a chorus of male voices rang out in monotone reverence.

Blinking in confusion, Gajeel simply stared at the transparent man. Dressed in an expensive silk overcoat of dark violet draped over the shoulders of a black, satin suit and obsidian hessian leather boots, the middle aged man with graying short hair and cold, purple eyes clasped his hands behind his back. This is the King of Valdis?

A sharp elbow jabbed him in the hip, bringing his attention back to Levy. She glared at him from her position of bowing deeply at the waist as had Lily and the rest of Team Fiore were doing. Clenching his teeth at having to bow respect while trying not to get skewered by anti-magic lances, Gajeel fought to keep his temper. The bullshit just keeps coming.

The thought projection met the eyes of Commander Klahan with a smirk, "The girl is not a threat, Commander. Stand down."

"Your Majesty, she ran through two checkpoints without I.D. and the two other-"

"I know from a reliable source that these mages are trustworthy and the girl's identity will check out. Do you doubt my word?"

The commander stiffened from the veiled slight against his king and bowed his head, "As you wish it."

With a curt nod, the King glanced at Levy and her friends from over his shoulder.

"Miss McGarden, Princess Hisui sends her kindest regards to you and your friends. She is delighted to see you managed to enter the tournament."

Hastily, the girl bowed lower to their royal host, "My deepest apologies for the disturbance, Your Majesty. I am honored by my Princess. Rest assured this will not happen again."

A dusky, grey brow twitched in amusement, "Do not make promises lightly, young mage. From what I understand, you come from a guild of destructive but admirable history. Shouldn't you be guaranteeing me some entertainment?"

"Yes, sir!" she squeaked in response, her face heating up from embarrassment. From his position, Gajeel tightened a fist to keep from snapping at royalty.

"Carry on, everyone. Let the prelims commence." the King announced, waving a long arm over his head.

The entire guard of Valdis soldiers stepped to attention in a synced set of movements.

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

The projection of the King of Valdis phased out just as Commander Klahan turned back towards Levy, a stern look on his  stern face.

"Please accept our apologies, Miss McGarden..."

Levy waved off his apology, looking sheepish and guilty. "I should be apologizing for running in here. I was so desperate to join the tournament."
Miffed and irritable, Gajeel watched the guards disperse then whirled on Levy. The girl was already hugging and snuggling his Exceed who had deformed, gushing at how much she
missed Lilly.

"Levy, what in the Seven Dragon Hells are you doing here?" he demanded, reaching out to pluck his cat from her grasp.

Rocking back on her heels, Levy smiled as she pointed at herself. "Just what it looks like. I'm fighting in the IMT."

"No you're not. This isn't like the Grand Magic Games, Levy. It's bigger, badder and not for you."

"Well how would I know what the difference is? I just cheered for everyone in the last one. Despite what you say, I have every right to be here."

What the hell? Where did this defiant, cocky attitude come from?! Glaring down at her, Gajeel leaned down to push his face close to hers.

"Don't make me drag you out of here because I will, no matter how many words you drop on my head."

That got a reaction. Wide brown eyes shook with hesitancy and a bit of fear. It stung for her to be afraid of him but Gajeel had no choice. Despite the fancy presentation of this event, he knows better. The power level of half these teams are scary as shit. How can someone as smart as her ignore the obvious?

Clenching his jaw, Gajeel knows his next decision will upset her, But he couldn't let her get hurt here. Even after three months, the wounds from Tartaros are still fresh, the loss of his dragon father still causing his heart to bleed with pain and grief. He wouldn't be able to keep a lid on all of those emotions with her on the same battlefield, taking the same hard hits as him. To see her in any kind of pain, much less fatal, would wreck him in so many ways.

"You are disqualified," he growled, eyes narrowed in grim determination. Beside them, Lily looked from one friend to the other with concern.

"Since when?"Levy shot back, hands snapping to her hips.

"Right now," Gajeel grunts and then moves with a burst of speed. Dropping one shoulder to press into her stomach, the Slayer lifts the young woman onto his shoulder and lays a restraining arm over her short legs. It takes a few seconds for her to react but soon Levy tries to wiggle and thrash her way out of his grasp.

"Gajeel!" she shrieks, pounding her tiny fists against his back, "put me down this instant!"

Snorting, Gajeel turns on his heel to march to one of the field examiners who referee the matches.

"Gajeel-" Lily pleaded, skipping along to keep up with his friend's long strides.

"We have a backup team, with other members who can take her place. Even you must agree this place isn't safe for her," he growls, trying to keep Levy's boots from giving him a black eye and ignoring her tiny breasts pressing distractedly against his shoulder blade.

"Hey you! I want this girl off my team, pronto!" Gajeel yells at an examiner who was reading something on a clip board.

The male staff member looked uncomfortable at the request, "Master Redfox, she has direct permission from the King himself!"

"I don't give a damn! You get one of the backup Fiore team members to-"

"Gajeel Redfox!" Levy screamed against his back, her tone shifting to one of honest pleading as her hands fisted themselves into the back of his shirt. "If you make me leave...I'll hate you!"

People hating him, Gajeel can live with. Seeing her fatally wounded as he stood by to watch? Hell to the never.


Growling into his spine, the Script Mage slashes at the air with two fingers to cast her magic.

"Solid Script: Fallen Fire!"

Eyes widening from the fact she would use her magic against him, Gajeel sensed the spell form above his head. From the air, words of summoned fire fell to the ground.  Gajeel, Lilly, and two examiners danced and fumbled around to avoid the raining balls of the word 'fire', causing several teams around them to laugh.

"Levy?" a deep voice calls from near one  of the stairs leading into the stands. A six foot, handsome man in his late thirties with white hair and piercing blue eyes stalked over to them, one hand resting on his black sword's hilt strapped to his waist. Dressed in a uniform of a deep green jacket with shining white trimming, white pants and polished brown boots, the man looked past Gajeel to the woman slung over his shoulder.

"Levy? Is that you?" he called again, his grey brows dipped in concern.

"Zied? Zied! Oh thank goodness!" gushed a relieved sounding Levy.

"Do you need assistance?" Zied asks, tilting his head to the side so a word of fire can sail past his ear.

"Nope!" she chirps and rapidly writes in the air over Gajeel's backside. The Dragon Slayer  soon yelps and lets go of Levy to pat out the flames that burst over his butt. Finally released, Levy lands on the ground in a crouch and with a snap of her fingers, stops her fire spells.

Brows raised, Zied offers her a hand to help her stand, "You have been practicing. Color me impressed."

"Well if it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have pushed myself in training as much as I have."

They smile at each other as Zied squeezes her hand gently, "It is good to see you."
Levy's eyes soften, her shoulders sagging in relief, "You too."

Their brief reunion is cut short as a burnt looking Gajeel with smoking, frizzy hair stomps back over to them, red eyes ablaze in fury. Dropping his smile, Zied places himself in front of Levy. The protective gesture only infuriates Gajeel more.

"You the one who invited her?" Gajeel snarls in a heated whisper, scales starting to appear on his cheeks and hands.

Snorting at the Dragon Slayer, Zied crosses his arms over his chest, "No, I just informed her of the event. Also, you might want to check that temper and your tone. I don't suffer fools, rude or otherwise."

"She shouldn't be here-"

"Are you her father or husband? What right do you have to say in what she can and cannot do?"

That shut up Gajeel long enough for Zied to roll his eyes. "You obviously don't realize just how delicate her position is now. Not only is she here on recommendation of your Princess, but now the King who is hosting this event is looking forward to her participation. Politics dictate, she is honor bound to perform her magic as a favored participant. You make her leave, you are openly insulting the King of Valdis and the King of Fiore."

Before Gajeel could open his mouth to retort, Zied took one step forward. The move of intimidation would not have budged Gajeel had it not been for a bolt of fear that skittered down his spine. How was that? Despite his appearance, this Zied person is dangerous.

"Even more important? "Zied hissed, his blue eyes flashing in annoyance," Levy worked hard to be here. She can do this. "

"I have known her longer and I can tell you she doesn't have what it takes to be here!" Gajeel snapped, glaring back at the white haired bastard.

"You really don't think I can do this...can you?" asked the low but trembling voice of Levy, whom had inched her way out from Zied's protective stance. Gajeel winced from the hurt in her eyes. It about slayed him to know that her pain is his fault.


Scoffing with disgust, Zied turns to Levy and reaches up to rest a hand on her shoulder. Their sense of familiarity, it bothered Gajeel. He doesn't trust the white haired bastard at all.

"As of this moment, you have the favor of Anatola. Three countries looking forward to your efforts, Levy. Don't let us down."
Levy nodded, all serious as she clenched her hands at her sides, "Thank you!"
Meeting eyes with the examiner, Zied gave him a nod, "Make sure to inform the needed parties of this."

"Yes, my lord!”

"Um, pardon on interrupting your funny drama but I think people are...leaving?" the young man with the red and yellow hair pointed out, his tone hesitant. Everyone looked up to notice the teams from around the arena who had gathered for the opening ceremony are leaving. The giant floating  screen in the middle of the arena is shown to be pairing up only five of the twenty two teams. The country of Ethos versus Caelum versus Fiore versus Gatreeda versus Armanth.

"Oh, that? Those teams leaving are overqualified for this event. “ Zied explained in a bored voice,  not surprised in the least.

“Then why the five teams?” Levy asked, looking to Zied with a frown.

“For opening day, the five weakest teams are to fight each other until only one team is left standing. Random but effective in boosting the entertainment factor.”
Team Fiore looked shocked and horrified as Zied turned away to remove himself from the arena. Raising a hand to wave farewell, the white haired man gave Levy a reluctant smile.

“Good luck making it to the main event tomorrow!”

At that moment, Levy looked as murderous as Gajeel. She wanted to punish Zied for holding information like this from her! Crestfallen, she followed her team towards the arena's center field to check in, but it seems Gajeel needed the final word as he leaned down to hiss in her ear.

“Congrats, Levy. You made it to the IMT, but we're gonna be disqualified before the first damn day.”

The battle coliseum called Cadwaladr is a magnificent example of limestone architecture, ingenious acoustic manipulation and festive spirit. Similar to the Domus Flau arena in Crocus, Princess Hisui noted that the caeset or seating order in Valdis is different than back home. In Fiore, the people of all ranks sat among each other and royalty are to sit apart. In Valdis, there are three areas separated by thick, low walls to define rank. The bottom five rows of the stands held the general public of common birth, the middle area seats the middle class of higher rank and the third highest seats built into the very edges of the top arena walls hold royalty and fellow leaders of their country's respective governments.

Glancing discreetly down the rows and rows of plush chairs, high canopy umbrellas and bowls of fruit, figs and wine, Hisui wondered if showing off such wealth and comfortable accommodations is wise. Their host, King Acelan of Valdis, sits in grand oak chair with his country's flag draped over the back. To his right is his wife, Queen Era wearing a pale purple dress with shiny white lace and neon shaded ribbons of pink and white. The middle aged woman wears her pink hair pulled up into a grand sweep of pins and loops to sit atop her head like a swirl of icing on a cupcake. If not for the glitter and stars littering her bright tresses, Hisui would of thought it a wig. In her wrinkled hand, the Queen held a full glass of wine. Her rosy cheeks and constant giggles meant the monarch has been drinking for a while.

Stiffening her back and placing her hands demurely over her lap, Hisui tried her best to show dignity and reserved attention to the small group of teams gathering in the arena below. To her left, her father sat with a thoughtful frown on his wizened face.

"I understand your motives, my daughter, but your favor may come at a price. The Fairy Tail mage will be targeted for such favoritism."

Closing her eyes, Hisui looked deep in her heart and felt not a sliver of regret. She trusts the former mages of Fairy Tail, and their power to overcome such great odds. Arcadios would have cautioned against such a move too, had he been here but their knight stayed home to watch over the kingdom in their stead. It is one of the requirements Hisui demanded before their departure to Valdis, otherwise she would not have the will to sit here.

"Princess Hisui," King Acelan says in an amused but dry tone to her right, "I hope your mages give us some interesting entertainment for ones who have faced dragons...and lived."
It seems her moment of stupidity during the last Grand Magic Games is to be used as an insult to her person. Another reason Arcadios was left at home. Insults to his King or Princess, he would not have borne.

Lifting her chin proudly, Hisui met the cold purple eyes of her host, "Their strength fills me with pride , Your Majesty. Thank you for passing on my regards."

Smirking, the King nodded slightly in acknowledgment, "I strive to meet your every need, Princess."

Once the King's attention turned to one his guests sitting on the other side of his Queen, Hisui's eyes flickered to the empty chair that is between her host and herself. The seat of the absent Prince and Heir, Haizea of Valdis: her betrothed.

"This place is too fucking noisy," Cobra growled as he glared at the audience stands behind them. "Can't we sit somewhere quieter and watch the matches by lacrima?"

Next to him, Midnight rolled his eyes in exasperation, "You brought ear plugs for a reason, idiot. Besides, we are not here for you."

Both turned to the man sitting on the bleacher in front of them. Jellal sat with his body bent forward to watch the five team match.

"Right," the Dragon Slayer grumped as he poked at their leader with the toe of his boot,
"we're here for you."

Frowning over his shoulder, Jellal swatted his friend's foot away, "Will you behave? I am not in the mood to babysit you right now."

"Fuck, I'm bored! If that were us out there, we'd end this farce of a preliminary shit and go find some damn food!"

Meeting Midnight's tired eyes, Jellal shared in the exhaustion. When the Dragon Slayer of Crime Sorciere gets hangry, they all must hear it until there is food provided.

"Feed him, please. I'll keep your seats."

"Sorry."Midnight murmured as he yanked Cobra from his seat and left out the door that led from Fiore's backup team's assigned bunker..

Sighing heavily, Jellal turned back towards the preliminary match. Absently he ran a hand though his hair and is reminded of the ink staining his blue locks. Before entering the country, Jellal and Cobra disguised themselves since their crimes are so heavy that they are wanted internationally. Unsure their magic would keep a disguise spell long enough, they opted for real hair dye and make up. Foundation to cover Jellal's tattoo on his face and a shit ton of hair mousse to hide Cobra's pointy ears. Midnight had it easy since he simply removed his normal makeup and undid his braids.

All this effort to save his baby sister.

Like the guild she was raised in, Levy McGarden caused an uproar when she showed up in the arena earlier. For once he noticed her alone and none of her teammates in sight, which bothered him. It made front page news in all of Fiore that Fairy Tail had suddenly disbanded but for his sister to be left all alone...he ought to beat the shit out of that guild for their thoughtlessness.

"She will remember. Sucks to be you."

That white haired man from before interfered with something Jellal didn't have the time to fix until now. In a moment of rash idiocy during his youth, Jellal committed a sin that seared his heart worse than taking Simon's life.

Watching as the King of Valdis publicly give Levy his favor angered Jellal since that meant the King and Zied Grey put a target on his sister's back. He understood Redfox's attempt to get her to leave. It almost made him like the Dragon Slayer but no one worried for Levy like he did. Brown eyes narrowed at the open field with a dark determination.
Jellal will save Levy from the fate of dying a cruel death. Even if it meant sacrificing all the people in this arena, their lives meant nothing to hers.

“ we have a deal?”

Commander Klahan's hand shook as he lifted the metal goblet to his lips for a much needed drink. Just hours ago, he had almost arrested a Fiore mage and insulted his king at the same time. Now after being ordered to escort the Prince of Valdis to the palace, he regretted not sending someone else to do it. For the next words out of his mouth will determine if he walked off this ship dead or alive.

“What you demand of me is treason...” Klahan murmured, raising his eyes to meet cold, amethyst orbs much like King Acelan. The man lounging on the other side of a wide mahogany desk looked nothing like the scared, raging teen from thirteen years ago.

“If this is about before, your highness. I'm...please forgive me...”

The prince's full lips pulled back into a mocking sneer, “Commander, I gave you simple orders. Its up to you if you follow his...or mine.”

Klahan closed his eyes, swallowing the guilt trying to clog his throat. Gods, to think that sweet boy grew up to be as much a monster as his sire.

“I'll join you,” he said, the words burning like acid on his tongue.

Purple eyes gleamed in the darkness of the captain's cabin, dark and angry, “Say it and I might just forgive you in what you did.”

“I'll help you...kill the K-King.”

To Be Continued in Chapter iii!!!!
Author notes: Originally, Laxus was be in the IMT alongside his former FT members, but then I wrote him out completely. One, he had his own omake manga about what he was doing during the time skip. Two, I would have had to figure out some in character motivation for him to stick around and it just didn't work, so thus canon wise he does not show up. Sorry!

Also, I was going to introduce more Anatola characters when Zied showed up but that broke the flow of his reunion with Levy with throwing too many characters showing up at once. So his family and friends don't show up until chapter iii.

Zied Grey does not belong to me. He belongs to my good friend, Ethereal. Here's to you, bud!
Everyone is going gaga over the new Attack on Titan when I'm obsessing over My Hero Academia. Besides shit doesn't get real until season three. Mwuahaha Titan fans!
Hoo 20% for memoria chap iv. I can do this. I can do this!!!!!



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